Roxanne Shanté

Roxanne Shanté is a hip-hop pioneer, becoming the first female rapper to have a hit single.  Known for her razor-sharp disses, she started the Roxanne Wars in the mid 80s and was the only female member of the hip-hop collective, the  Juice Crew.

With her distinctive raspy-squeaky voice and fearless gloves-up delivery, Roxanne Shanté cut an idiosyncratic dash through the male-dominated  world of 1980s hip hop. She was first female rapper to have a record — and sparked the first ever hip-hop beef, the Roxanne Wars. Shanté courted controversy in 2009, when her claim to possess an undergraduate  degree and a PhD was disputed by the Slate writer Ben Scheffner. But she could never be accused of being boring, or having nothing to say — hence the eagerly awaited biopic of her life and music, Roxanne Roxanne, produced by Pharrell Williams and Forest Whitaker. Read more

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Tiffany Terry

Tiffany Terry has been gifted with singing ever since she could talk. Her relationship with God and love for music is what keeps her motivated and dedicated to sharing her gift with audiences all over the Midwest. That dedication and passion for music is just as evident when in her ministry as a Praise and Worship Leader in her church. Most importantly her lifelong love for the Lord Jesus Christ is the driving force behind all she's done and aspires to do. 

Tiffany is greatly humbled and appreciative for all the new opportunities God has blessed her with. In her debut album, Just The Beginning. Tiffany wants to share a message with the world that life is a blessed journey and experiences we have, whether good or bad, ultimately lead us to our destiny. 

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