Tiffany Terry delivers an unique package of sweet gospel music. Her versatile vocal style captivates the audience. Her relationship with God and her love of music played a great part in her pursuing her gift of singing.

Tiffany D. Terry anointed singer born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She has been singing since a child. As a Child, she was brought up under the word of God under the leadership of the late Pastor Sims. Everytime the doors were open she was with her Granddad at church. She sang in the choir and led praise and worship. Life has been a journey, bust she continues to grow with the help of God.

Tiffany has had the privilege to share the stage with some of our Gospel Greats. Tim Rogers, Lee Williams, Kim Burrell, Leandria and more.

Her Debut Album, "Just the Beginning," was yet another way for Tiffany to share that life is a blessed journey.

Tiffany's latest single, "A Mother's Cry," is available on all musical digital platforms. Tiffany continues to bring peace, healing, and enlightenment through music in these troubled times.

Curtis Eubanks is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His God given gifts, and talents has yielded him musical platforms across the US, Africa, Jamaica, Dubai, Nassau, and The UK. Curtis served as the musical director for Marquette University Gospel Choir for 14 years and has been a Music Consultant for Milwaukee Public Schools for over 10years. Curtis currently oversees creative arts at the Adullam Outreach Organization, choral teaching at Milwaukee Lutheran Highschool, and sessions at his own Music Therapy Company! Curtis believes that GOD is great, and worthy of all praise!

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