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Madonna Licks Water Out Of Dog Bowl

2021 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Photo: Getty Images

After the singer posted an Instagram video in which she licked water out of a dog bowl and made sexy poses with various objects, Madonna's social media presence keeps getting more "disturbing" every day.

The "Vogue" singer put together a series of photographs for an Instagram Reel on Wednesday where she displayed her neon green sweater combined with glittery booty shorts, tights, and thigh-high boots.

The 64-year-old appeared in a number of the photographs posing next to a motorcycle and a pantry. She then started posing erotically with a bottle of sriracha and mustard, which is when things started to get strange.

Included in the photo montage was video showing Madonna down on all fours, licking water out of a dog bowl. Social media users responded to the video online with disgust and embarrassment.

Fans flooded Madonna's comments. Check out some of the best below.

Embarrassing doesn't even begin to describe this... ugh....
I just don't see you gaining new fans with this overly sexualized senior citizen persona, but I do see you loosing existing fans.
Are you on drugs? Like wtf has happened to you?!
Seriously lay down the Crack pipe. You've lost touch with reality. You make Brittney Spears look sane.
Growing up in the 80s Madonna had such an impact on me! Her artistry, talent, originality and her rawness truly captivated me! She had truly revolutionized music and fashion and style. She was my role model and had been her biggest fan. Sadly the iconic Madonna is now long gone. No longer there is a sense of element, mystery, uniqueness and style in work. Her recent postings show lack of humility, poise and grace..and only a pathetic sense of desperation that begs for humiliation and disgust amongst her fans. And my question is WHY??? I can’t even start to comprehend what the heck happened to her? You don’t need all of this. Madonna is a very well accomplished artist. Is this really what happens to some music icons that had been granted the opportunity to live beyond their years of stardom and popularity? Seriously, her sense of creativity is far gone and only replaced with vulgarity to seek attention!! SAD doesn’t even do any justice to describe what I’m seeing.

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