Former Raiders Marquette King Hopes Gruden Scandal Opens Door For Return

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphin

Photo: Getty Images

Inlight of the Jon Gruden scandal, which exposed the former Las Vegas Raiders head coach for writing misogynistic, racist and homophobic emails, former beloved Oakland Raider Marquette King spoke with TMZ about the scandal. King, whom spent his first 6 years in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders, revealed how he was surprised to be cut from the team when Gruden arrived as the new head coach. He went on to say he never even had a chance to meet Gruden. The day was supposed to meet the head coach, he found out he had been cut.

King went on to explain that he can't help but wonder if racism had anything to do with why he was cut in 2018. He continued stating how he was in a very dark place after getting cut and always had questions as to why he was cut. It was rumored that Gruden wasn't a fan of his outspoken personality and over-the-top celebrations. King says he wasn't given a chance to talk to the new head coach about his alleged grievances and now wonders if racism had anything to do with it. Thus, King feels his reputation in the league was tarnished and unfortunately hasn't played in the NFL since the 2018 season.

With news of Gruden's scandal, King is hopeful that NFL teams might take a second look at him if they were previously dissuaded from him due to Gruden's remarks.

The entire sports world is in shock over the blatant racist, misogynistic and homophobic remarks. Check out some reactions from across the NFL below.

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