Police Shoot & Kill 15-Year-Old Black Girl After She Called 911 For Help

Black Lives Matter Activists Rally In Ohio Against Police Brutality

Black Lives Matter Activists Rally In Ohio Against Police Brutality

UPDATE: Police have released the body camera footage of the shooting of Ma'khia Bryant. Police claim Bryant was attempting to stab two people when police shot. Unfortunately, Bryant was defending herself allegedly against women who came to her home to fight. Allegedly, Bryant was the person who called the police. Watch the footage below.

Warning: Graphic Video

In the midst of the Derek Chauvin trial resulting in a guilty verdict, a 15-year-old child, Ma'khia Bryant, was shot 4 times in the chest and killed by Columbus,Ohio police.

Allegedly, the child was holding a knife at her home attempting to defend herself against neighborhood girls whom were trying to jump her at her home. Bryant called police for help. Allegedly, when police arrived they instantly excited the car and started shooting, shooting her 4 times in the chest killing the 15-year-old whom called them help.

Now, the family is demanding justice as allegedly the officer is claiming she "tried to stab him." Later another officer on scene allegedly replied to the outraged family and friends stating "Blue Lives Matter" and showed no remorse for the young life lost.

Story still developing. Swipe below to see video from the scene

People took to social media in disbelief as we weren't even allowed an hour to celebrate the justice finally received after the Derek Chauvin conviction. Check out social media's immediate reaction to the heartbreaking news below.