Trumpers RAGE After Learning They Are On The No-Fly List For Dom-Terrorism

None of us are surprised by this, except for those at the Capitol last week. The fall out continues from the attempted coup last week where domestic terrorist, lead and riled up by their leader Trump, attempted to take "back the government" and stop the certification of Joe Biden becoming the next president of the united states. The attempted Coup resulted in two officers losing their lives, 1 domestic terrorist whom was shot and killed by Capitol police, and 2 Rally goers whom died outside the Capitol yet attended the original rally.

Now, these domestic terrorist are learning their fates after many have been arrested, fired from their jobs, and now we learn are being placed on the No-Fly list by many airlines because of their actions! Watch this compilation of Trumper lose their $hit after learning they were either being arrested for their part in what happened at the Capitol, or were placed on the No-Fly list and will be forced to find another way home from D.C.