Sensitive Content: Another Shooting.....Put The Guns Down MKE!

Demiterce Harper

Milwaukee put the guns down! Over the weekend, we lost another good guy. 45 year old Demiterce Harper was shot and killed outside of Mr. J's on Friday night. Witnesses report there was an argument then one of the suspects pulled out a gun and started shooting. Unfortunately, this is the second time a fatal shooting happened outside of Mr. J's. Back in December of 2020, photographer Robb Smith was shot and killed in front of the popular nightclub. Robb's wife spoke out about her husband's shooting, she said, "There’s eight children in our family who don’t have a father anymore. There’s a mother and a father who don’t have their son. There’s aunts and uncles who don’t have their nephew. There’s a wife who doesn’t have her husband, her best friend, and her business partner."

According to Fox 6, "The owner of Mr. J's Lounge told FOX6 News that he is closing the bar down for now and is also concerned about the recent events. He said he will no longer be open on Saturday nights." THE CLUBS ARE NOT AT FAULT! I repeat the clubs are not at fault. People have to stop showing up to events/clubs with the intent to shoot or harm somebody. We're just trying to have a great time. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Fox 6

Robb Smith

Robb and Zena Smith

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