Here's How I feel About The COVID-19 Vaccines!

Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

I opened up about the importance of the COVID Vaccine, checkout what I had to say in the article below.

"Reggie "Smooth Az Butta" Brown has been the radio voice for a generation of Milwaukee's Black residents and hip hop and R&B fans. Now the V100.7 afternoon drive DJ and program director has a new message for listeners: Everyone needs to get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect our communities. 

The decision to get vaccinated was all about protecting his family, Brown said. "I did it because my family did it and I'm always around my family and I want to keep them safe."

Though the city of Milwaukee recently lifted its mask mandate on June 1 and many major venues are now seating at near full capacity, less than half the state is vaccinated and people, particularly Black people, are still dying at alarming rates from COVID-19. 

Systemic racism has led to COVID-19 disproportionally affecting Black people in Milwaukee and across the country. According to a March article in The Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities — a resource with the National Institute of Health — Black Americans are dying due to COVID-19 at a rate 2.7 times white Americans.

Of Wisconsin's most recent 1,000 COVID deaths — out of 7,000 total — 9.7% were Black, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis, though Black residents are just 6% of the population."

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