SMH: Charmaine From "Black Ink Crew" Made A Sad Announcement!

Radio Host for WGCI and Black Ink Crew: Chicago member Charmaine Bey announced her father was diagnosed with stage four esophagus cancer on her Instagram. She said, " My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 esophagus cancer just a few weeks ago. When we found out my husband and I rushed to Louisiana to get him and bring him back to Chicago so I could take care of him and he could start treatment. Although I know he is in the best hospital in the country for cancer things have taken a turn for the worse!" Just last year, Charmaine lost her mother, Glenda Walker, to a heart attack right before she could give birth to her baby girl, Nola Bey. Fun fact about Charmaine, her father is originally from Milwaukee. When I met Charmaine, she was such a sweet girl and she does not deserve this. I'm praying for her and her family.

Photo Credit: Getty Images