Video: Vezuz Battle Has Announced A New Battle! Dr. Dre Pulls Out Of Verzuz

Verzuz Battle has another great battle planned! LaTocha Scott from Excape was in New York City Wednesday night, when she revealed R&B Groups Excape and SWV (Sista With Voices) will face off in a Verzuz Battle. It's all going down on May 8th, 2021 at 7pm CT. I got SWV! They have "Rain", "Right Here" ft Michael Jackson, " Weak", and so much more. But, Excape is a great match-up. On another note, recently Swizz Beatz revealed music producer Dr. Dre was ready to do a Verzuz Battle, but after seeing Teddy Riley and Babyface Dr. Dre said no. Swizz recalled, " When Dr. Dre wasn’t feeling the sound from Teddy Riley and Babyface, that hurt our heart. Oh my God. He was supposed to come at the end and announce that he was gon’ do VERZUZ that night… He got on the phone, he was like ‘man, I can’t be a part of nothing that sound like that, my legacy is quality’." That's right, his legacy is quality.