Video: J.J. Watt Has Been Released From The Houston Texans!

Fellow Wisconsin Native J.J. Watt aka Justin James Watt has been released from the Houston Texans! After ten years of being with the Houston Texans as a defensive lineman J.J. has announced his departure from the team. On his IG page he said, "I came here 10 years ago as a kid from Wisconsin who'd never really been to Texas before, and now I can't imagine my life without Texas in it. Since that day, I've tried to do everything in my power to work and earn your respect and try to make you proud on and off the field." J.J. is coming off of his worst 16-game season of his professional career with 52 combined tackles, five sacks, seven pass breakups, and one interception. We always have room for J.J. here with The Packers! Checkout the full video down below.

Getty Images