Video: Boosie Speaks Out For The First Time After Being Shot!

Earlier this month, rapper Boosie was shot in the leg while in Dallas,Texas just days after fellow rapper Mo3 was chased down and killed. Boosie was immediately rushed to the hospital and underwent two surgeries due to being shot so close to his knee. After a day or so rumors started to spread alleging Boosie would have to get his leg amputated. Soon after people from his team denied the claims. According to TMZ as of today, "Boosie checked out of the Dallas-area hospital, and he's currently resting at home but still in pain because the gunshot wound is near his knee. We're told Boosie's going to be off his feet for 6 weeks, but he still has both of his legs." He posted, "OUT THE HOSPITAL #athome Thanks to all the ones who prayed fa me N YEAH I STILL GOT MY LEG."