Video: Fans Are Canceling Jess Hilarious.....Again! SMH

If you didn't know earlier this month, Megan Thee Stallion was involved in a shooting resulting in her getting shot in the foot. Many fans are speculating Tory Lanez was the shooter. Some celebrities had a lot to say about the shooting like 50 Cent, Cam'ron, and Draya Michele. Days after the situation, Megan spoke out stating she was intentionally harmed that night and does not understand why so many people find her pain funny. Since then Draya and 50 Cent has apologized. Instead of reading the room, Jess Hilarious posted a reenactment video of the night in question. After posting the video, Meg Thee Stallion fans called to cancel Jess. Checkout the video down below and let me know if you think Jess should be canceled in the comments below.

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