Video: Checkout Out How Much You'll Make From The Corona Relief Fund!

The Washington Post released a calculation of how much you would receive from the government to help with bills, supplies, and more." Bipartisan legislation passed by the Senate on Wednesday evening — which still must be passed by the House — would provide $1,200 payments to adults with annual incomes up to $75,000, plus another $500 per child" reporter by The Washington Post. So, the breakdown looks like this: Income- $75,000 or less = $1,200, Income- $80,000 = $950, Income- $85,000 = $700, Income- $90,000 = $450,Income- $95,000 = $200, and Income- $99,000 or more = $0. I'm glad the government is trying to help everyone with their expenses.

V100.7 is also trying to help you with your bills. We'll have up to 12 chances every day to text and win one thousand dollars. We hope you and your family stay safe - keep your phone charged and your radio on for the latest on what's happening. We'll be here with everything you need to know and a chance to get your bills paid. For more checkout our click the contest tab.

Photo Credit: World Star Hip Hop

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