Black History Facts- Greensboro Four (Sit-In's)

Photo via NCpedia

This Black History Month fact is in honor of The Greensboro Four who help spark sit- in's to protest segregated lunch counters/diners in the city of Greensboro North Carolina. The Greensboro Four were four young black men Ezell Blair Jr., David Richmond, Franklin McCain and Joseph McNeil. Who were students that attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College.Agricultural and Technical College. They were inspired to join the Civil Rights movement from the non violent practices of Gandhi and after they heard of the brutal murder of Emmett Till . The four planned out the very first sit-in which took place on February 1 1960 with the help of a white local business man named Ralph Johns. On that day the four young black men went into Woolworth's a white's only lunch counter in downtown Greensboro. Once seated they were denied service but refused to give up their seats. The Police were called and the local media was alerted as well by the Greensboro Four white ally so they could gain coverage. By February 5th 300 students had joined the sit-in's and by March of 1960 the movement spread to 55 states ultimately lead to the desegregation of lunch counters/restaurants. leading to the desegregation of lunch counters/restuarants.

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