Find out the average cost for a date here in Wisconsin and the rest of US

Plan on going on a date anytime soon? Well check your bank account and state lines before you ask someone out! Depending where you are in the country the average date can be pretty affordable or get real pricey. In our home state of Wisconsin the average price is $73.21 according to and Yahoo finances. If you plan on taking someone out in Cali I suggest you do it on pay week HAHA *Jeezy Laugh* Check out the map below for the rest of the country.

Map via Yahoo/

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Milwaukee Native, Music Lover, College Grad, Fly Intellectual, Microphone Checker, Mr. Personality. As a young kid recording tapes off the radio, Promise envisioned himself rocking the airwaves and entertaining the people. With patience, hard... Read more


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