Sit Yourself Down Sunday Tiffany Haddish talking too much after NDA

Everybody knows that one person or friend when invited somewhere that probably will share too many details with other people about what happened. Tiffany Haddish may be becoming that person in Hollywood. She is on fire and enjoying her new found fame and success nothing wrong with that. However when you get to go to exclusive parties and hang out with people like Beyonce you might have to be careful of what you share. Tiff sent the internet into a frenzy when she revealed that a known actress bite Queen Bey and almost got into an altercation at the party. Of course everyone was curious once she put it out there on who the actress was. Then Tiffany tried to down play it and make jokes before saying she signed a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). SO why even say anything! She gon mess around and get banned from coming to the popping parties *HA HA Jeezy Laugh* So Tiff have a Seat on this Sunday

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

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