Sit YourselfDownSunday unwanted fan get's on stage with Keyshia Cole

Concert's are dope you get to see an Artist you enjoy live and direct. Sometimes they reach in the crowd and shake hands other times they ask for crowd participation. However no matter how excited you are you should you NEVER try to get on stage and touch them unless  invited to do so.  One brave but stupid dude learned the hard way while at a Keyshia Cole Concert in LA.  Not only does he need  to have a seat immediately but so does the security guard for allowing the man to get that close to Keyshia and almost knocking her down when he did react. Watch Below


Video Via You Tube

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Milwaukee Native, Music Lover, College Grad, Fly Intellectual, Microphone Checker, Mr. Personality. As a young kid recording tapes off the radio, Promise envisioned himself rocking the airwaves and entertaining the people. With patience, hard... Read more


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