Sit Yourself Down Sunday (Video) Dude's riding 20 deep in U-Haul Truck

There are many different forms of transportation Uber, Taxi, Bus, Car pooling or riding 20 deep in a U-Haul Truck! A video surfaced online of two young men driving a U-Haul truck with around 20 passengers in the back of the truck. Not only is this stupid but it's unsafe especially since there are no seats, seat-belts or windows!  So they all need to have a seat immediately on this Sunday.

Watch Video below via Shaderoom Instagram 

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Milwaukee Native, Music Lover, College Grad, Fly Intellectual, Microphone Checker, Mr. Personality. As a young kid recording tapes off the radio, Promise envisioned himself rocking the airwaves and entertaining the people. With patience, hard... Read more


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