#SitYourselfDownSunday Tyrese please take a break from Instagram

We live in a Social media society where Celebs and everyday people seem to constantly post or update the world on what's going on in their lives.  It can be fun and entertaining but other times can become dangerous with oversharing. Tyrese has reached the latter over the past few weeks. He has been having rants and meltdowns via his Instagram about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, his financial status and the most disturbing has been the issues with his ex over seeing his daughter. I'm not here to laugh or judge him because the internet has done that enough and his situation was not funny. However it also should not have played out on his social media. Once you post online you welcome everyone inside to have a comment or joke about your situation. Thankfully the case has been thrown out and he can know see his child but he still has continued to post strange videos or odd captions on pictures with various celebrities. Tyrese truly need to have a seat on this Sunday and log off for a while.  

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