Sit Yourself Down Sunday Texans owner call's NFL Players Inmates

It's no secret that  the NFL and it's Players have had public and private issues with the Flag, national anthem and the rights to protest. Some are on the same page while others differ in what they feel should or shouldn't take place on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights. Houston Texans owner Bob McNair in a private discussion about if players who refuse to stand should be suspended responded by saying " We can’t have the inmates running the prison". Well tell us how you really feel Bobby! he couldn't have used a worst figure of speech. So basically that would make him and the other owners warden's right!? After he felt backlash from some of his players, other NFL & NBA players plus media he apologized.  I think he meant what he said the first time and for that he needs to have a seat immediately. I think all of the players should have sat out the game so he can see who really impacts the NFL.

All but 6 Texans decided to kneel during today's game (Oct 29-17)

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