SMDH Saturday Bow Wow takes another L on Social Media

Shad Moss has actually had a very successful music and film career despite people having short term memory and him being more know these days as  the butt of many jokes on social media. Grant it some of these things have been self inflicted other times the internet just has no chill.  Well here we go again! Bow Wow recently re-posted some fan art of him being photo-shopped onto the iconic Death Row Records roster photo from the 90's with the caption "Where it all started". In Bow Wow's defense he did get discovered by Snoop Dogg however he never was signed to the Row and most certainly wasn't apart of that music era or the picture. The internet of course had a field day dragging him and adding him to other notable ensembles.  If that wasn't enough he was asked on social media about a sequel to the film "Lottery Ticket" and responded with some harsh words for costar Brandon T Jackson who later respectfully clapped back online.

check out all the nonsense below!

Photo Via Shad Moss Instagram


Photos via Twitter

Via Shaderoom Instagram

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