SMDH Saturday this week's allegations what's going on out here?

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The Internet has NO Chill and is Undefeated when it comes to memes, jokes etc. The Internet and court of public opinion has a way of passing judgement on individuals especially Celebs before all facts or evidence is present. Take this past week for example R.Kelly, Usher and Kevin Hart all mega stars who have been caught up in some of the worst rumors/allegations of their careers have already been deemed guilty by the the internet and the public.  I was not present for any of these alleged acts so I don't know what is true and what isn't but i'm not foolish enough to defend these men either. I'm SMDH at these claims because if they are true these guys should be held accountable, but i'm also SMDH because nothing has been proved and we have to allow them the right to defend themselves plus facts before we really start having opinions. 

R.Kelly (Sex Cult Allegations )

Video Via Complex Youtube

Usher (Allegedly gives women Herpes)

Video Via Complex Youtube

Kevin Hart Cheating on pregnant wife Allegations

Video Via Complex Youtube


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