SMDH Saturday Black Harvard students have separate Graduation

I'm proud of being black and happy to see blacks and minorities graduate from College.

It can be extremely difficult living in this country and trying to gain your education as a person of color.

However when achieving a great accomplishment like  graduating from Harvard why  would you want to 

separate yourself from the rest of the class you are graduating with?  Well a group of  about 120 black 

students from Harvard are doing just that. They raised $27,000 to hold a separate ceremony

but the confusing part is they say it's not about segregation and students from all ethnic background are 

invited to attend. Um so what is the point then!? Maybe they should have gone to an HBCU if they wanted

a ceremony with majority of black graduates. SMDH read the full story via

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

Promise - The Bizness Hourz

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