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Dunk Law brings multiple forms of justice to Milwaukee

Personal injury attorney Orville Dunk was born in a Jamaican town called May Pen, smack dab between Kingston and Montego Bay. Today, Dunk resides with his family in Houston, Texas where he owns a law firm, and earlier this year opened another firm in Downtown Milwaukee. He also owns a legal office in Memphis, Tenn.

Dunk splits his time between the three cities, spending about two days a week in Milwaukee where he also has many friends and family, but wherever he lands, he carries with him the Jamaican national motto, “Out of many, one people.”

“I really believe in the concept of ’the melting pot,’ both with my staffs, in my personal life and how I approach communities,” says Dunk. “Diversity is very important in everything.”

Dunk’s Milwaukee roots run deep. He lived here during the late 80s and 90s, during which time he met and married his wife, had two children and graduated from Cardinal Stritch University. Upon graduating cum laude with a degree in business management, he joined his uncle’s trucking company. He later took over the business and although it prospered and he enjoyed the work, he longed to do something else with his life.


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