Jim Jones stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk new Dipset music, unreleased tracks with Dr. Dre and more.

·        Solo album

·        How did Dipset get back together

·        Do you like moving as a solo artist or group member

·        Dr. Dre tracks

·        West coast sound

·        Other old records never heard before

·        Do you think the Dipset breakup cost Juelz rise

·        Thoughts on Mase and Cam’ron drama

·        Dipset movement

·        Have you spoke to Dame Dash

·        Advice to young artists

·        Being signed to RocNation

·        First meeting with Jay Z

·        Rucker Park story

·        What made you start dipset

·        How did record with Cam and Jay come together

·        Why Cam took Jay off 'Oh Boy'

·        Lance “Un” Rivera

·        Message for Mase

Watch the full interview below.