Louie Franco Samples Classics into Reggaeton Songs in "Since Knowing You"

If you're not up on Louie Franco, consider this the perfect introduction. The Bay Area musician is a mix of rap, reggaeton, and a self-made producer who's style is best described as Neo-Reggaeton. His 2020 project Since Knowing You is a 6-track project that's packed with storyline, drops, and a mastery of an unprecedented genre in music.

What's special about this opus is that every song contains a sample that's flipped into Louie Franco's sound; classics from Daft Punk, Ghost Town DJs, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, NSYNC, Drake, Ocean's Thirteen, Daddy Yankee, Los Angeles Azules, and Elvis Crespo.

Louie Franco also taps in with his #FOOMP affiliates Thuy and CR Crucial on this project.

Listen to Since Knowing You by Louie Franco here: https://songwhip.com/album/louie-franco/since-knowing-you

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