Watch as the Woman with the World's Longest Nail's Cuts Them Off! (video)

Photo and video credit Youtube

Now look this video is something to watch for real! This lady has been growing her nails since she was a teenager and she's now it her forties or something like that? Oh my goodness this is something else and it's all from Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Ripley's Believe it or Not was a television show when I was a kid, so it's interesting to see a comeback of the show! Ripley's Believe it or Not also was well known for taking the show on the road with all kinds of unusual people is was like the side show to a carnival! Growing up in Seattle, we had the Seattle Center which is the area just below the landmark everyone knows Seattle for the Space Needle. The Seattle Center was like a mini version of Six Flags at the time and included an area that had a Ripley's Believe it or Not sideshow stage and I remember seeing pictures of the worlds tallest man and all kinds of contortionists and so many different thing! You can imagine as a child I was not only amazed but a little afraid as well. Luckily these days Ripley's Believe it or Not has recreated their shows to be more representative of the human side of things than making people look abnormal and unusual.