After Months of Rumor's Kim K. Files for Divorce from Kanye? SMH

After seven years of marriage, four kids and several months month's of going back and forth, according to The Jasmine Brand Kim Kardashian has called it quits and filed for divorce from Good Life Rapper Kanye West.

There have been lot's of rumors surrounding this break up and it's all pretty sad, people saying that Kanye was way out of sorts mentally, folks suggesting that Kim was having an affair with news commentator and CNN host Van Jones. Let's all keep it real the Kardashian's know how to play the media and setup stories so you never know what's real. But this one seems legit, they are definitely not pulling a Cardi B and Offset situation.

Kardashian is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couples 4 children. The West do have a prenuptial agreement and neither Kim Kardashian or Kanye West are contesting it at this point. Well I hope for the best of both of them however, it makes you wonder was Kim really just with him for the shine? Well she got four kids so who knows. Was Kanye predicting or forecasting their break up in his song "All of Lights?" Restraining order can't see my daughter her mother, brother, grandmother hate me in that order. Public visitation we met a Borders told her, she take me back I'll be more supportive ….. makes you think about it doesn't it? On the flipside maybe we'll get the old Kanye back, and maybe he'll re-align himself with his friends, like Jay Z among others?

Photo Credit: Instagram & The Shade Room