Netflix Drops Another 1! Notorious B.I.G. Documentary 3/1 Watch Trailer!

Netflix just pushed out a trailer for the new Notorious B.I.G. documentary that they've been working on. I'm excited about this one, it has actual footage from behind the scene's at his different shows as well as private moments of his talking about his goals and dreams. Plus Diddy gives the viewer even more incite into what was going on at the time, Biggie's mother and different family member's are apart of the documentary as well.

Netflix has really build up it's reputation for great movie's and documentaries, that get people talking in 2017 its was Bright with Will Smith, 2018 it was Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, 2019 who could forget Beyoncé's Homecoming, so you know now that it's 2021, and most people are at home, Netflix can not disappoint! Check out the trailer below and see how you feel.