Did You Watch The New Netflix Family Classic "Jingle Jangle"? (video)

Photo and video credit: Youtube.com

I promise you "Jingle Jangle" is a new Netflix Holiday Classic! If you haven't seen it you need to get off your feet, sit down and enjoy this one! Netflix has developed a reputation over the last few years for putting out great movie's especially during the holiday season! Netflix has a gift of picking movie's and productions that get people talking all throughout Christmas and New Years, in 2017 its was Bright with Will Smith, 2018 it was Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, 2019 who could forget Beyoncé's Homecoming, so you know in 2020 we needed a classic and Netflix did not disappoint! Netflix pulled together and all star cast, and called upon America's favorite mom Phylicia Rashad, comedian Keegan Key (from the show Key and Peele) and course the amazing Forest Whitaker among other stars, to present Jingle Jangle! The music was by John Legend! So if you're a fan of John's work you will love this movie even more. Check out the trailer below I know you'll love it and so will the kids!