Shade & More Shade for Wendy Williams & Here's Why..... (video)

Wendy Williams is without question bringing her credibility in for another review from her harsh fans. It's interesting she seems to be tone deaf to her fan base which tends to be very liberal, so you understand when she says anything that would appear to take to side of President Donald Trump, she looks a little crazy to them. So, in here latest situation Williams says that our current President Donald Trump "has every right to investigate the election if he feels it was stolen from him". Do you know how many of her fans are dumbfounded by that comment? That's one of those things that would force me, in all good conscious to stop watching a particular show, from being a fan of a star and so much more. Sometimes it's best especially if you're an artist or star that has a different set of beliefs, that doesn't exactly line up with your fan base to keep it quiet, so you don't ruin the whole experience for everyone. Williams has had all kinds of things going on within the past few years from her stormy divorce with her former manager and husband, to rumors swirling about her alleged relationships with one of her DJ's, plus supposed drug addiction and more. All I know is, can the old Wendy come back? I like the one from two or three years ago! I'm just saying!