Get Rid of Quarantine Hair with Cosmetologist Meg Jackson's Tip of The Day!

Photo byAnna ShvetsfromPexels

So everyone is at home under quarantine, because of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, Rona whatever you're calling it today! Ha ha! And all you or anybody can think about right now is food and making sure your hair is right! Oh you know and I know, if somethings wrong with your hair!!!!!! Nothing is going to be, and I mean NOTHING is going to be right! We have a thing about our hair like no other culture! That's why all you see is beauty supply stores and churches on the Northside of Milwaukee you know it and I know it!

So look with all that in mind, all this week in to give you this week’s Tip of The Day each day is Megan Jackson. Megan is a certified cosmetologist and I call her a "hair-ologist" too! She also owns Mocha Suites Hair Salon in Milwaukee. Each day Megan will join us at 1:25pm to give you the Quarantine Hair Tip of the Day to help you get rid of that quarantine hair you've been dealing with, you know that weave needs to come out but who can help you? What can you use to put that life back into your hair that you have at home? Should you cut your hair yourself or is that not a good idea? Those tips and more this week at 1:25pm on the Network with your girl Bailey Coleman! So check out the first edition of the Quarantine Hair Tip of the Day- Maintenance Monday and make sure you listen everyday this week at 1:25pm to V100.7 to hear the latest, and if you miss an episode, you can always come right here to my blog to get your update! Enjoy!!!

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