Beating the Quarantine 15 Weight Gain with Coach Shannon from ASF!

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So everyone is at home under quarantine, because of the Coronavirus, Covid-19, Rona whatever you're calling it today! Ha ha! And all you or anybody can think about right now is food! I know, I'm right there with you! How many snacks have you put in your kitchen that you ordinarily wouldn't even think about buying? I know exactly where your mind is at! You wouldn't think about buying any of those snacks but, you don't know when or if you'll be able to go to the store again, so you better stock up right? Your also thinking the way I've been eating that quarantine 15 will be on my body in no time!

Well the good news is you're not alone in your thinking! I've been feeling the same way! That's why this week on my show, each day at 1:25pm we'll talk with my guest Coach Shannon from All Around Sports Fitness! Coach Shannon will be giving us helpful tips to fighting of that extra weight that may be waiting in the wings for us, as we work from home in an environment that maybe less active than our work place, during the pandemic! So check out tip one from today, below!Tips to Avoid The Quarantine 15 Weight Gain Episode 5- Fifty? What? ! Connect with Coach Shannon for daily workout for you right at home and more