Tiffany Pollard Breaks Silence on Sickness & Deformed Implants (video)

Photo & Video Credit: Warning: Video May Contain Adult Content

Tiffany "New York" Pollard who most people know from VH1's hit television shows "Flavor of Love" and "I Love New York" returned to TV on the television show Botched and revealed that she had three terrible breast enhancement surgeries leaving her with straight drama, uneven breasts, and illness.

This is good but still sad, another situation where implants are not necessarily the best thing but, she at least had the sense to make a change and get everything taken care of, even though she didn't completely change what she was doing at least she went in for modification and correction. Now you know when you're into plastic surgery you'll probably get a little something else done and she does! Check out the video below, at least her additional surgery wasn't anything I would consider major, well let's be clear for me if they have to put you to sleep for the surgery? It's major! So I guess it was a bit of a big deal but, not to most people! The just go in and say give me body part number 7!! Ha ha ha and their good! I just have a hard time with too much modification unless it's something that is really good for your health!

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