Bill Allowing MKE to Use Speed Enforcement Camera's May Happen Soon!(video)

Photo & video Credit: Youtube

A Bill allowing the city of Milwaukee to utilize red light and speed enforcement camera's is moving forward as of today. The Bill was up for a committee vote today in Madison Wisconsin and it passed.

Here's the thing the Red Light and Speed Enforcement Camera's Program, this is a pilot program and it will only be in certain areas. The red light and speed enforcement camera's are something that you'll find all over the country especially in the larger cities. The reality is I don't know if camera's will actually help the folks that are habitual reckless drivers, but it will without question make regular drivers even more aware of their driving habits. Now I know what you're saying, but it will probably at lease catch their faces on camera right? Possibly but their really has to be something more we can do to stop the reckless driving in our area! I don't know that to be the case though because I see a lot of people just out here driving crazy just because! Speeding by while you're parked on the street just because they're trying to get somewhere or whatever. It's better to drive safe and defensively than to end up in a bad situation! Maybe it will help with all these high speed chases that our police officers have to deal with! Check out the video below, they crashed right into that house it happened back in April of this year and ended up being fatal for the driver! Pray for Milwaukee!

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