Gucci Says He's Gonna Slap the Ish Out of DJ Envy & What bout Angela? (vid)

Photo & Video Credit: Instagram Gucci

Gucci Says He's Gonna Slap the Ish Out of DJ Envy and he also calls Angela Yee a few choice names as well! In my best Rodney King voice "Can't we all just get along?"! This is all coming out of a recent interview that Gucci did with Charlamagne where he's talking a whole lot of trash about the NON PRESENT members of the Breakfast Club!

Now you and I both know Charlamagne is always the one who loves to stir the pot, so is it surprising to you that he went in did this interview with a man (Gucci) whose alleged all kinds of things with his fellow Breakfast Club Team Members? No shade but the realness of it is, the Breakfast Club is apart of the media and they do all of these interviews to promote the show! Everybody is online kind of dragging Charlamagne for doing the interview but the reality is if either Angela Yee or DJ Envy had a chance to do the interview and the shoe was on the other foot? It would be on and cracking of course they would do it! They're all into the media game they like to create interest and content for you! The other thing is while on camera Charlamagne is stirring the pot, between me and you? If you know him? He's actually smoothing things over for the crew so don't believe the hype!

Attention video may have explicit content

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