Giving Away Baby Shark Live Tix's, But Who Knew About The R&B Version (Vid)

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Okay so you know all this week I’m giving Away Baby Shark Live Tickets, but I just want to know who knew about the R&B Version of the Baby Shark Song.I had no idea! It’s jukin’! I mean you got the baby shark in the middle introducing the Mother Shark, then the Daddy Shark, the Grandma Shark and of course who could forget the Grandpa Shark! It’s all so cute, with the R&B swag and of course they start doing all the little hip hop dances like the Flossin’ Dance, The Shoot Dance, then they all break off into a full on Line Dance! Now that’s talent and skill for a bunch of sharks!!! Haha

I’m sure I’ve missed the whole Baby Shark da da da da da thing because my former baby is all grown up! But what’s up with Elmo, Ernie, Burt, and what’s the purple dragon’s name? You know he does the clean-up, clean up everybody everywhere song? Yeah Barney! What happened to him? And Blues Clue and all those guys? No love from the little kids anymore? All I hear about these days Baby Shark, Peppa Pig and Dr. McStuffins! I mean really where is Dora the Explorer? Caillou? And what did y’all do with Arthur?Are they all on the island of syndication never to be heard from again? I’m just sayin’ bring back the classics on these kids! Let em know what time it really is!!!

By the way listen all week to my show between 10am and 2pm for a chance to win Baby Shark live tickets and enjoy the them song video below, R&B Version of course!

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