The Real Deal Behind Black History Month! (video)

What most people don't know or understand about African Americans and Black History Month is, that as African-American's we have not been taught about our history and that's why Black History Month exists, Sure in high school and elementary we learned about Martin Luther King Jr.,possibly Medgar Evers and maybe even Malcom X. However imagine if we could track our ancestors back to the West Indies or Africa? Know who our people were and the island's they're from are we direct descendants from the different kings and queens of Africa? Or even the early contributions of people of color?

The history and contributions of those that were brought here as slaves and their descendants hadn't been tracked until the 20th Century even though, we've been in American since the colonial period. Most American's no matter their cultural background can trace their families lineage back to Europe, or wherever they may have come from but not African-American's. The other factor that makes tracking our lineage difficult at best, is that, no African-American's are purely "African" hence the term "African-American". Do to the cultural intermingling of masters and their slaves and other factors over the years, any type of DNA testing would unveil numerous races intermingled in our bloodlines for example, who would have know that I actually have Asian, and British ancestors? But according to DNA testing I do! Check out the piece from the History Channel below it will give you great insight into the roots of Black History Month!

Bailey Coleman

Bailey Coleman

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