10 Things You Need to Boost Your Immune System to Battle Sickness

While we're going to stores and struggling to find toilet paper, water, wipes and sanitizer - many people are forgetting to pick up vitamins, pills and fruits to boost your immune system.

While Airborne and Emergen-C is extremely necessary to make sure you nourish your body to fight off viruses, you also need these foods as well:

1 - Echinacea

2 - Elderberry

3 - Turmeric

4 - Ginger

5 - Spinach

6 - Garlic

7 - Mushroom

8 - Bell Pepper

9 - Brocolli

10 - Citrus Foods

11 - Almonds

12 - Papaya

13 - Shellfish

14 - Kiwi

15 - Green Tea

16 - Poultry

17 - Yogurt

Okay, that's way more than ten foods - so there's a little more value added. But also make sure to pick up Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C and D as well.

The goal is to consume as many non-processed foods that don't create mucus in your body.

ALSO - drinking excessively kills your immune system, so STOP DOING THESE see a shot, take a shot challenges.

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