EST Gee Asks For Help After Revealing He's Losing His Vision In One Eye


Photo: Getty Images

EST Gee is having trouble with his vision and aims to seek help before he goes blind in one eye.

On Friday, November 25, the CMG artist posted (and deleted) a video in which he reveals a cataract in what appears to be his right eye. You can see Gee try to show off the grey film that sits in the middle of his pupil. He explained that he was supposed to get more surgeries for his eye but couldn't due to the pandemic. He admits that he "kind of forgot about it" after he blew up as an artist, but now he's trying to handle it before it gets worse.

"See that cataract growing over my eye, s**t getting worse," EST Gee said in the video. "It's harder to see. It's getting bigger. See that grey little film over my eye...I can't see s**t for real. What do I need to do?"

“How can I stop this grey part from spreading," he captioned the video. "I use to could see a lil bit but its getting worse I’m starting to see less.”

EST Gee doesn't specify what may have caused his vision to deteriorate, but it's possible that it could have something to do with the injuries he sustained after he got shot several years ago. In 2019, the Louisville, Ky. native was hit five times during a shooting that occurred after filming a music video with Sada Baby. Four bullets went into his stomach and one hit his eye. He survived and recovered over time, but his eye is still giving him issues to this day.

Since the video was removed, EST Gee hasn't provided any other updates.

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