WATCH: Port-A-Potties Spill Onto Wisconsin Highway, Damage Cars

What started as any other morning commute turned into a "crappy" situation for drivers traveling down 1-94 on Tuesday morning in Waukesha County. According to WISN12, seven port-a-potties slid off the back of a semi-truck and into lanes of traffic causing damage to a few vehicles. The port-a-potties slid into the westbound lanes near the Pewaukee Road road exit. Despite how early in the morning the incident occurred, most drivers were alert.

"I see a port-a-potty flying back at me, and I try my best to swerve out of the way, but it hits my driver's side. It causes me to pull over," driver Alex Hilario told WISN12.

Hilario mentioned that his initial reaction was shock. It was dark outside, but he could see the outline of the portable bathroom standing in the middle of the road.

"I was so shook. I was beyond shook. I was like is that a port-a-potty? I was like where did it even come from? Did they set it there? Because it was standing but rolling. So I was like there is no way this is possible. There's no way this makes sense."

Though the toilets were empty, there was toilet paper flying all over the road as nearby drivers hit all of the port-a-potties. WISN12 mentioned that the trucking company was not issued a citation for the damage and loss of the crappy cargo.

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