Wisconsin Woman Convicted For 'Slenderman' Attack Drops Request For Release

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One of two Wisconsin women involved in the 2014 stabbing of their sixth-grade classmate withdrew her petition for release from a mental health facility yesterday (August 9), according to ABC News.

In June, 20-year-old Morgan Geyster asked Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren to order her release from a state mental health facility. A year prior, he ordered the release of her co-defendant, Anissa Weier, who spent nearly four years at a mental health facility in Oshkosh. Bohren assigned three doctors to evaluate Geyser's mental state, but after receiving one doctor's report, Geyser and her attorney sent a letter to the judge.

The letter read, “We are requesting that the remaining examinations not be finalized and we will continue to revisit this issue as Ms. Geyser continues to make progress in treatment and advance with her recovery," according to WTMJ-TV.

On May 31, 2014, then 12-year-old Weier and Geyser lured their friend into a forest and attacked her. They claimed they did it in order to appease the fictional character "Slenderman." Both girls were found not guilty by mental disease or defect and committed to mental health facilities for sentences of 25 years to life and 40 years to life, respectively.

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