This Is Wisconsin's Best Breakfast Restaurant

Hearty Breakfast Sandwich on a Bagel

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Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, regardless of the time you choose to eat it. If you prefer to start your day sunny-side up, than look no further than this state-wide breakfast staple. The best breakfast restaurant in the entire state serves meals that will not only kick start your day, but healthy plates that you can enjoy with friends. How can you go wrong with a hearty stack of waffles topped with butter and fruit, or a tall glass of freshly pressed juice? This restaurant offers those options, and many more!

According to a list compiled by Mashed, the best place to order breakfast in Wisconsin is at Mickie's Dairy Bar in Madison.

Here is what Mashed had to say about the best breakfast restaurant in the entire state:

"Wisconsin is known as America's Dairyland, so it makes sense that the state's best breakfast restaurant is called Mickie's Dairy Bar. They've been serving comfort food in the city of Madison since 1946, and almost every review you can find about this restaurant is positive. Walk into the restaurant, and it's like you've been sent back to the 1950s. Classic breakfast options at Mickie's Dairy Bar include the Buttermilk Pancakes, the chicken dumpling soup, and, of course, the cheese curds."

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