Milwaukee Residents Wake Up To Cars Vandalized In Neighborhood

A Milwaukee neighborhood was vandalized for the second time this year.

Residents near North 65th Street and West Ruby Avenue woke up to shattered glass and nearly a dozen cars with broken windows Friday (May 7) morning, WISN 2 reported.

Brandy Cross, one of the victims, told WISN, "On April 19, they busted out the driver's side window, and I had to get it fixed, and then last night, they did this." After looking at her car, she noticed numerous others had been hit and later learned that cars in nearby neighborhoods were also vandalized.

"Who can afford to continue to get their window fixed every day, you know? I'm outdone, and it's like we work hard for our stuff, and this is what happens," Cross said.

WISN said those they spoke to did not see or hear anything but believe their neighborhood was targeted by the vandals.

Johnny Wilks, another victim who lives on the street, said three of his cars were broken into, and it is going to cost almost $700 to fix the windows. "None of the alarm systems are going off, so they're busting through the windows and climbing through the window to ransack the cars, so I guarantee it's probably two or three people."

The investigation is still ongoing.

Photo: Getty Images