Going For Gold! Milwaukee Gymnast Sets 2021 Olympics Goal

A Milwaukee resident is hopeful for a spot on the 2021 U.S. Olympic men's gymnastics team.

25-year-old Marvin Kimble spoke to FOX 6 about his goals for the upcoming 2021 Olympics. The Milwaukee resident is hoping to give back to the city by representing Milwaukee at the Olympics. "I owe everything to this city," he said.

He told FOX 6 that he became serious about the sport at age nine, which was the same year he lost his father. Kimble says this wouldn't be possible if it weren't for his mom, Carolyn Crenshaw. "My mom saw me flipping off of fences, playground sets, everything, and she was like, ‘I don’t want you to hurt yourself, so we got to take you somewhere where there’s mats or pit foam,' so we went to a local gym downtown, Milwaukee Turners."

Another mentor in Kimble's life is his coach, Andrei Kan. "He’s like a father figure to me," said Kimble. "He just kind of stepped into that role and took me in as a son," Kimble says. Andrei has coached Kimble for 15 years and is preparing him for the challenge of a lifetime. "He’s coached a bunch of Olympians. He’s an Olympian, as well, so he has the resume and the reputation in the gymnastics world."

Andrei Kan

Not only does Kimble have the Olympic trials to look forward to, but he is also currently working with the Dairy Famers of Wisconsin to create a drink based on what his mom used to say when he was growing up. "I remember her saying when I was younger, ‘Drink milk; it makes your bones strong,' so I never wanted to break any bones, so obviously, I’m going to listen to that advice."

Kimble says the drink is called GoodSport, "It’s dairy-based and it’s electrolytes. It's good for before a workout, after a workout, during a workout. Whenever you need a little hydration boost, grab a GoodSport." 

The Olympic trials will be held in St. Louis from June 24 to June 27.

Photo: Getty Images