WATCH: Wisconsin Man To Make His 'Wheel Of Fortune' Debut

Wisconsinites tuning in to a new Wheel of Fortune episode next week might see a familiar face among the contestants.

Devin Dugan is originally from Green Bay and now lives in Southern California with his wife, Gina, and the couple’s three cats. Dugan serves as the founder and artistic director of an improv group in California. He's also the teacher of an after-school program at a local high school, according to a Wheel of Fortune press release.

The longtime Green Bay Packers fan said his appearance on the beloved game show was a longtime coming, making it a reality with the support of his wife.

“I’ve been watching Wheel pretty much as long as I’ve been watching television,” Dugan said in the release.

Dugan said if he wins any money on the show, he plans to use it to travel and to rent a space to offer improv classes for kids, teens and adults, according to Wheel of Fortune.

Viewers can watch him solve puzzles for shots at “once-in-a-lifetime” prizes on the “Inns of New England” week. It airs on WLUK (FOX 11) at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 13.

Photo: © 2021 Quadra Productions, Inc., photographer Carol Kaelson. All rights reserved