Cash Money Records pays rent for New Orleans residents

2020 has been so crazy that many are behind on many things including their rent. The pandemic has virtually wiped out families' savings accounts throughout the nation. It has hit the low income and middle class the hardest. New Orleans is the home of Cash Money Records. The label that brought you Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, just to name a few, is giving back to the city where it all started. Cash Money Records owners Birdman and Slim have teamed up with the non-profit organization Forward Together New Orleans to pledge more than $225,000 to help those in need with covering their rent.

"The legacy of Cash Money belongs to the city of New Orleans," Birdman states to "There's nothing more important to us than giving back to the brothers and sisters who live on those same streets we grew up on - from musicians to service workers to everyday working families. That's what this label was always about."

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