Put yourself in a Black person's shoes

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Many of you that are reading this may have struck up the courage to see the horrible footage of George Floyd being murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. Subsequently, thousands have chosen to protest and riot across the country. If you're not Black, you may ask, why are "they" mad. For decades, many Black Americans have not been able to get a fair shot compared to many other races, mainly White Americans. If you are not a person that has had to live similar to many Black Americans in this country, you just may not get it. You think that "they" over exaggerate there circumstances. That's the issue right there. Many (people) that are not of the Black race, have not listened to what Black Americans have been saying over the decades. When we are heard, our voices are being undermined. We are of tired of being treated like a child who is actually sick on the day that they are supposed to go to school. What I mean by that (is), we are tired of being told to stop lying and go to school. The average Black family started at a disadvantage than many White families. All you have to do is open any history book and look up that chapter about slavery. Black Americans constantly are playing catch up just to be in the same arena of many White families. Just because you're in the arena, it doesn't mean you're on the playing field. From the bleachers, Black Americans see that what they are seeing on the field, is "achievable". We try to work our way onto the field. Some make it, others don't. Then those that do make it realize that we will never get a fair shot, because society continues to move the goal post making it virtually impossible to score and be successful. Like any race, Black Americans have committed crimes. But not every Black America is a criminal. Should I be afraid of every White American being a mass shooter? We would just like the benefit of the doubt. We want fair trials. Fair interactions with law enforcement. Why are we guilty until proven guilty? Wale recently release a powerful music video for his song "Sue Me". He tries to paint the picture of being Black in America, by using White Americans in this video. Check it out below.