The Lady from the "Cardi in 40 years" Meme is a Mayor

So while you were scrolling the gram or Facebook one day you probably came across a meme about what Cardi B would like like in the future. The picture of this random older woman who kinda favored Cardi made most of us chuckle and went viral. The meme became so popular that Charlemagne even asked the rap star about it on the Breakfast Club and she even admitted it was a bit funny. Questions I always wonder are where do the meme's originate? are these photos of real people? and if so are they aware they are a meme?! Well Kudos to BET for their new online segment "I Went Viral" where they help answer some of these questions. They recently tracked down Allison Madison who is the woman in the original photo and who happens to be the first Black Mayor of Mound City, IL

Video Via You Tube



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